About the MoodSwingers:
Vocalist & actress LINDA LEE has been singing & involved in productions since she was 18. 
She has performed in numerous acts, from regional singing competitions to holding her private concert, 
entitled 'PINK!', put up by The Small Theatre & held at the Substation in 2000). 
Besides singing at Tower Club in her free time, Linda also likes watching Spongebob Square Pants 
with goofy starfish friend, Patrick); she does a good impersonation of Gollum of LOTR fame too.
Guitarist and trumpet player JENS THANG has been extensively involved with the local jazz music scene, 
with the Thomson Jazz Band & SAF military band. He originally learnt to play the guitar to try to impress girls. 
When this didn't work, he moved on to the trumpet. Despite failing miserably at both, he still plays 
& enjoys an especially strong following among the deaf community. He is currently thinking of learning the recorder.
EDMUND WUU is a saxophonist with a long interest in jazz. He has performed at various private functions and 
corporate events, and also worked as music critic for well-known travel magazine MONK in New York. 
After an unsuccessful career as a ski instructor on Bukit Timah Hill, this wandering minstrel now spends 
his free time writing pretentious prose for the MoodSwings website such as this one (oops!).
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